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A Beautiful, Natural-Looking Smile is Possible!

If a mouth full of large, dark metal fillings is inhibiting you from smiling or laughing in public, you are not alone. Thankfully there are options for replacing those unsightly fillings and regaining your confidence!

Unfortunately, the unattractive appearance of amalgam fillings is not their only drawback. Because they are retained mechanically rather than chemically bonded (no need to doze off just yet, the dental-speak is short-lived), more than just the decayed tooth structure must be removed in order to place a silver amalgam filling (meaning that the same cavity can be restored more conservatively using a tooth-colored composite resin filling). Amalgam reacts to changes in temperature by expanding and contracting slightly, and over time, these small movements can weaken the tooth, cause breakage, and result in the need for larger, more costly restorations. The absence of chemical bonding also leaves the margins of metal fillings susceptible to leaking, which can cause recurrent decay. (There, you made it through the technical mumbo-jumbo, still alive and a little wiser.)

As part of our dedication to Bioesthetic Dentistry, we at Stelzer Dental are proud to offer mercury-free, composite resin fillings. Improve your self-confidence by replacing those unsightly dark metal fillings with vibrant, natural-looking restorations that are virtually undetectable in your smile. Call us today!

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