Savvy Guy Gift Ideas | Holiday Survival Guide

Visit your dentist near Ambler. So what do you get “the guy who has everything,” or someone who is extremely vague about what they want? Humorous gifts are always a good route to take. Then again, a technologically savvy gift is sure to impress as well. Maybe even some dried meat to satisfy his carnal appetite.

Whatever the case is, we’ve got you covered.

Surprise a dude in your life with these creative gifts and discover some websites to help you start your search.

Cool Material

“Gifts for Men. That Don’t Suck.” is Cool Material’s slogan, and it’s pretty accurate. From clothing and accessories to art and some fancy gadgets, this website features goods that are sure to brighten up his holidays.

Top Finds:

  • Bluetooth POP Phone The Bluetooth POP phone could be perfect for those who are constantly on the phone at home. It’s comfortable, classic, and eliminates up to 96% of absorbed radiation. Your brain thanks you in advance.
  • Chromecast Chromecast was made for anyone who is sick watching videos on their laptop. Plug it into an HDTV and connect to your WiFi network to enjoy streaming YouTube videos, Netflix Instant Queue titles, and much more on a larger screen.
  • Whiskey Stones Drop these little fellows into a drink — whiskey not required — to cool it down without watering it down.

Man Crates

Probably the most unique online retailer on our list, Man Crates ships their contents in…wait for it…an actual wooden crate—crowbar included. Whoever receives a crate for the holidays will thank you for allowing them to unleash their inner manliness.

Top Finds:

  • The Bacon Crate Bacon. Enough said. This crate includes bacon, jerky, and bacon-flavored edibles such as gourmet bacon popcorn and peanut brittle!
  • Outdoor Survival Crate This crate is focused on providing the tools necessary to survive the wilderness or just a weekend camping trip. Multi-tools, a knife, a fire starter, and most importantly an authentic Army survival guide manual are among the many included components.

We hope you enjoyed perusing these unique websites to help in your gift search for that guy on your list. Like all things fun, time flies when exploring these websites; be careful, don’t take too much time on them and forget your other responsibilities. (Just a reminder: your pet is probably getting hungry).

Best of luck in your gift search from your dentist near Ambler!

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