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Stelzer Dental to Attend Tie the Knot Event Showcase

Stelzer Dental to Attend Tie the Knot Event Showcase Wedding ceremonies are not just about lovely bridal gowns, gorgeous floral arrangements, and exchanging heartfelt vows. There are subtle, unspoken, underlying expressions that communicate more than words. Guests remember a bride’s soulful smile as she walked down the aisle with her bouquet. They also notice a […]

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Creating Memories to Smile About

A smile takes but a moment, but the memory of it can last forever. Wouldn’t you agree that practically every positive memory you have involves big, happy smiles? If the appearance of your grin leaves you feeling less-than-enthused, however, it may put a damper on perusing those memorable photos later on. The Power of a […]

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Does Your Smile Really Reveal the REAL You?

Do any of these scenarios sound familiar to you? You’re at a family wedding and the photographer aims the lens at you. Panic sets in. You’re posing for a new professional headshot and you smile with a closed mouth, hoping it looks natural. You’re conversing with a new acquaintance and you suddenly feel self-conscious about […]

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Can I Change the Shape of My Teeth? What Are My Options?

Keeping your teeth clean and cavity free is indeed important, but the fact your teeth are healthy doesn’t automatically mean you’ll be ecstatic with their appearance. Genetics may provide you with teeth that are crooked, oddly shaped or that have large gaps between them. Or perhaps the appearance of your teeth has been altered from […]

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Smile Design: Say ‘I Do’ to the Perfect Wedding Smile!

The question was popped, the answer was “Yes!” and now you’re engaged to be married. Congratulations on the incredible news. Of course, you want your wedding day to be absolutely perfect to the smallest of details: the font on the invitations, color of the bridesmaid’s dresses, and the flower arrangements at the reception. Eyes and […]

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See Why Patients Choose Dr. Stelzer

Your smile is the gateway to your personality, and guarding it misleads the world from your true persona. Our patients come to Dr. Joshua Stelzer for cosmetic dentistry because of his ability to craft dull, dingy smiles into a masterpiece. You can even take a glimpse at our smile gallery to witness why our patients […]