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We Love Changing Our Patients’ Lives With Cosmetic Dentistry

The most rewarding part of our day is seeing our patients truly smile. We understand your smile is the most important asset to live a prosperous life.

We changed one of our patients’ lives by blending four porcelain veneers to her top teeth.

Our patient is extremely outgoing and confident. However, she never liked her front teeth. One of the services she was interested in was the stained bonding, and she asked if there was a way to make her front teeth look better.

She was resistant, however, because of the fear she would have big white chicklets that would be bulky and didn’t match. We decided to go with porcelain veneers.

“When she completed her smile makeover, she started crying with happiness. True story.” – Dr. Joshua Stelzer, cosmetic dentist in Lower Gwynedd

We have many more stories where we have changed our patients’ lives because we deeply care about you and all of our patients. If we have the ability to change your life, we will go beyond to craft your smile to fit your persona.

Please share this to your friends and families, and maybe we can help them accomplish their Hollywood smile.

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