Preventative Dentistry

Protect your beautiful smile with preventative care in Lower Gwynedd, PA.

Preventative Dentistry for the Whole Family

Minimize the risk of tooth damage and gum disease with regular dentist appointments.

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Your smile and your family's smile are one of a kind. In addition to a beautiful look, your teeth, and oral health play a huge role in your overall health - which is why regular dental cleanings and exams are so important.

Preventative dentistry helps adults and children maintain good oral hygiene and has the power to find dental problems before they get out of control.

Preventative dentistry includes:

  • Dental cleanings
  • Routine oral exams, oral cancer screening, and x-rays
  • Necessary treatments like sealants and fluoride treatments

Prevention and early detection help fix issues early on, so you save time and money while protecting your beautiful smile.

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Preventative Care Benefits

It goes beyond keeping your teeth healthy.

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Beauty begins with good health and confidence - a healthy smile looks and feels better.

Protects Your Smile

Routine dental exams and cleanings help ensure your teeth and gums stay healthy.

Saves Time & Money

Preventative dental care helps find issues early on and prevents costly repairs.

‘‘Amazing experience!! I'm a new patient. Highest degree of attention, fantastic bedside manner."

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A Full Spectrum of Care at Stelzer Dental

Our dentist helps you and your family maintain long-term oral health all in one office.

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Dr. Joshua Stelzer offers general and cosmetic dentistry for a full spectrum of care for a beautiful and long-lasting smile. Good overall health starts in the mouth, and preventative dentistry and oral-systemic health go hand in hand.

Let our Lower Gwynedd dentist and dedicated team help you create a lifetime of healthy habits for a healthy smile and overall wellness. Our dental office offers:

  • Advanced Technology: We've invested in leading technology so that you and your family get a quick and accurate diagnosis when you need it. Our high-tech tools make treatments faster, more effective, and painless.

  • Down-To-Earth Atmosphere: While our office is modern and high-tech, our friendly staff creates a relaxing atmosphere for you and your family. We listen to your goals, offer advice, and are upfront about expectations and costs - because you deserve an honest, stress-free visit.

  • Extra Comforts: Sit back and relax in our comfortable pressure-reducing chairs with a pillow and your satellite music choice. No, our dental office isn't a spa, but there's no reason why you can't feel like you're in one.


Preventative Dentistry FAQ

The principles of preventative care for teeth include caring for them at home and visiting your dentist for biannual check-ups and cleanings. The goal is to have a beautiful, functional, and healthy smile.

Preventative care keeps your teeth and gums healthy to prevent tooth decay, cavities, gum disease, and enamel damage. Left untreated, gum disease and tooth decay lead to serious health issues such as tooth loss, infection, and heart problems.

The health of your mouth has a big impact on your whole-body health - preventative dentistry and oral-systemic health are closely linked to one another. So it's especially important to maintain good dental practices and teach children to do the same.

Preventative dentistry is the ongoing care for your teeth and gums to stay healthy.

In addition to brushing, flossing, and visiting the dentist for exams and cleanings, it's important to maintain a healthy diet. What you put into your body affects your oral health (and it's not just sugar and smoking cigarettes we're talking about) - eating a well-balanced diet is important.

Stelzer Dental helps our patients build a lifetime of healthy habits to maintain a beautiful and functional smile. Ignoring good dental practices can lead to oral issues that cause discomfort and pain, but it's never too late to get back on track!

Click schedule your regular cleaning and exam with our dentist. At the appointment, we'll discuss ways to improve your oral health and maintain it.

Areas we serve include:

  • Lower Gwynedd, PA
  • Spring House, PA
  • Philadelphia, PA
  • Ambler, PA
  • Blue Bell, PA
  • Montgomeryville, PA

The goal of preventive dentistry is to maintain great oral health and keep your teeth healthy long-term. Ideally, preventive dentistry for the whole family starts from a young age to protect a person's natural teeth from tooth decay and gum disease damage.

Proper care and early detection help minimize the risks of oral health problems.

Habits for a healthy smile include:

  • Brushing and flossing at home (at least twice a day with an FDA-approved toothpaste)
  • Maintaining a healthy lifestyle
  • Regular check-ups and professional cleanings
  • Oral exams, cancer screenings, and x-rays at the dentist

Typically, the dentist completes a cleaning and exam every six months. We recommend you keep this schedule because it lets us find problems early on, making it easier to fix them before they get out of control or cause irreversible damage.

Preventative dentistry helps patients save time and money, and many dental insurance providers cover preventative care costs.

The sooner a dental problem is detected and corrected, the less complicated it is to fix. This ends up causing less pain, taking less time, and costing less money.

Regular exams and cleanings help preserve your beautiful smile and avoid costly tooth loss. But the importance of preventative dentistry goes beyond the look of a smile because your oral health significantly affects your overall health.

Preventive, basic, and major dental services refer to various services categories with different insurance coverage levels.

You'll have to refer to your dental insurance provider for the exact categories and coverage limits included, but here's a quick recap of dental services that may be included in each:

  • Preventive: X-rays, oral exams, routine cleanings, sealants, fluoride treatments
  • Basic: Fillings, basic extractions, non-surgical periodontal treatments
  • Major: Dentures, crowns, bridges, oral surgery

Regular cleanings and exams at the dentist help prevent basic and major dental work, which are more complex and expensive.

Choose a family dentist you can trust and never miss a biannual visit again.

Routine Visits Help Save Teeth

Take care of your teeth and gums with our Lower Gwynedd dentist.